Immersive Package Intuitive Coaching and Mentorship

1:1 Intuitive Spiritual Mentorship and Coaching

Connection & Unity With The True YOU!

DIS-COVER who you really are on a SOUL level and what our purpose and mission really is on this planet.

You are you by design.  Everything that has happened in your life, the darkest lows as well as the blissful beautiful moments,  has all been preparing you.  Everything you are passionate about is not a mistake.  You are a channel through the which the YOU-niverse is experiencing. It lives through you living out your natural talents, abilities, gifts, desires, pleasures, and contributions.

As an Empowerment Leader, my mission is to help you Real-Eyes this fully in YOURSELF.

 90, 60, 30 Days Of Self Realization, Mastery, & Magic

  •  Sessions can include based on individual needs..

  • Empowerment Mentorship to DIS-COVER True Limitless Potential

  • DIS-COVER the true you (Mask Off)  

  • DE-Program & RE-Program

  • Downloads to Integrate Mastery

  • Step Into Your Power as a Conscious Leader/ Voice/ Light Bringer

  • DEEP Dive Into You, Know Thy Self, HEAL-THY Self

  • Energetic Release/ Removing Limiting Blocks, Traumas & Beliefs 

  • Integration of the Shadow

  • Discovery of the right routines & techniques, lifestyle evolutionary adaptations for you


Includes 4, 8, or 12 One-Hour Sessions

Recorded Audio Of The Sessions, Forever Yours To Hold Onto

Workbook With Exercises, Techniques, Guides, & Reviews Of What You Learn with Me in Session

Unlimited Email Support




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