My Why


As we heal ourselves, we also heal the collective. As we transform and shine our own light, we give others permission to shine theirs.  This is the great work we came here to do, and to be.

Eye am here to be a major cntributer in Spirtual Liberation of The Soul.  To be a major contributer in ending suffering in our world. Seeing and feeling the collective pain has also been my deepest pain. Eye believe this has a divine purpose.

My greatest joy has been felt in seeing the highest happiness and healing in another and in my self.

It’s not uncommon for us to turn cold; to turn away from this as it has been the “safe” thing to do, and the “norm” in our world.

Eye see now there is Divine Purpose to this because it allows for TREMENDOUS GROWTH and EXPANSION to liberate our selves form these illusory chains to RE-Member and re-integrate that “TRUE US”/ that SOUL that we have always been.

My love for helping others comes from my deep passion to make this world a better place.


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