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Self Dis-Covery

It is my highest honor to serve and cultivate the highest healing.

A healer does not heal you, only you can heal you.  A healer opens up the space, perception, and power of your own self to heal. 

In this current reality we can get blocked and feel lost, or stuck in certain aspects. 

To move forward in our own spiritual liberation, we need the eyes to see, the informational tools to grow, and the energy to transmute our old patterns that comprise of the false non-serving structure of self. 
We need individuals to show us the ways of healing and evolving, and to show us that the power has truly been within us all along.  We just need to see, know, feel, and practice that power.  

I have helped numerous individuals open their eyes to the possibilities of who they can be, and their true value.  It is my own discerned deep conviction that a spiritual creator would not create us without abilities, gifts, talents, and uniquity.  It is simply up to us to see them and pursue them.

Sessions may include the following

Spiritual Mentorship, True Limitless Potential

Healing Mentorship

Discovery Of Your Purpose

Knowing Thyself Fully

Reprogramming Techniques

Energetic Release/ Removing Limiting Blocks, Traumas & Beliefs 

Integration of the Shadow

Putting Together/ Discovery of the right routines & techniques for you

Two Ways of Service

 I provide both a long term immersive healing package for deeper work and individual sessions. 

For Long Term, Inquire below.  To schedule an individual session, please email me @

Eye look forward to serving you 🙂 
















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