Work with Joe

Self Dis-Covery

It is my highest honor to serve and cultivate the highest healing.

It is my highest honor to serve and cultivate empowerment, wholeness and True Self Discovery

What is it, that keeps you from experiencing all that you are and can be?! I guarantee it is a false perception of yourself.

Deep inside yourself, in your heart, you see your importance, your uniqueness, your vitality, your strengths. 

Sessions may include the following

  • Empowerment Mentorship to DIS-COVER True Limitless Potential

  • DIS-COVER the true you (Mask Off)  

  • DE-Program & RE-Program Step Into Your Power as a Conscious Leader/ Voice/ Light Bringer

  • Downloads to Integrate Mastery 

  • DEEP Dive Into You, Know Thy Self, HEAL-THY Self

  • Energetic Release/ Removing Limiting Blocks, Traumas & Beliefs 

  • Integration of the Shadow

  • Discovery of the right routines & techniques, lifestyle evolutionary adaptations for you

Two Ways of Service

 I provide both a long term immersive healing package for deeper work and individual sessions. 

For Long Term, Inquire below.  To schedule an individual session, please email me @

Eye look forward to serving you 🙂 
















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