About Joe Cavaiani

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  Joe has claimed his freedom, and looks to help others do the same.

Joe is a heart centered Clairsentient & Claircognizant Intuitive, Empowerment Leader, Truth Seeker/Speaker, and Inspirational & Motivation Educator, helping individuals discover the truth of who they are at the deepest level. He has helped teach and guide many idndividuals to their full soul potential and knowing of self at the deepest level.

Joe had a profound experience when he first experienced Spiritual Awakening.

He left his formal education of theatrical studies feeling unfulfilled and resentful of his entire past in totality, seeing how deeply he had conditioned who embody a false idea of himself, based on others’ perceptions of him.   

He also dis-covered that the truth of our existence had been hidden beneath the illusory veil of what had been percieved to be so, and what human beings had been conditioned to believe.  He saw that we had all forgotten who and what we really are, as Joe had himself.   He realized how the state of the world led to his own deep pain, and confusion.  He had to un-plug himself from the Matrix.  

As challenging as it initially seemed, Joe knew in his heart that there would be something special on the other side of this experience! So he followed his heart. As Painful as it initially seemed, Joe knew if he did not bravely embark through that temporary pain in order to dispel it, he would live with it in quiet desperation for the rest of his life.  Freedom was on the other side. He Real-Eyes’d this happened FOR him, not to him, and that his perception of the world changed, and so did his place in it, and that it all happened for a reason, he was able to accept what had occured with gratitude and full inner-standing of why it had to happen. 

He felt that the power of his SOUL was able to see beyond the conditioning.  He saw that he was guided and exactly where he was supposed to be the entire time.  The Universe wanted him to learn and fully understand suffering, and so he had to be fully be in it, and learn the ways of freeing his heart, mind, and soul to discover himself fully by going within.   

 Joe gravitated towards Spirituality.  He was excited by a deep sense of truth within it and it within myself.  He dove deep into spiritual teachings from his own personal spiritual enlightenment teachers, ancient wisdom, healing methodologies, personal development, Jungian psychology, esoteric knowledge, philosphy, and more.  He navigated his own life path, gifts, and qualities of self to know himself fully.  He went within himself in  meditation to discover his ancient soul.  He realized that theatrical studies were his previous passion of choice, because he always had a deep inner-standing of human beings, and why they were the way they were. 

Joe claimed his freedom, and looks to help others do the same

Joe believes that Self-Transformative and Self Realization work is the greatest work that can be done, because we are all in this existence together.  We are the universe/ the world experiencing itself as BE-ings, and we collectively contribute to the create the world we experience.  And being conscious of that truth, we are here to make it peaceful, harmonious, highly evolved, and an overall wonderful experience for current and future generations! 🙂

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